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For the entrepreneur

Increase your insight and optimize your company's processes with I-Synergy Business Manager

For Shops and Restaurants

If you have a shop or delivery restaurant, I-Synergy Point of Sales is the cash register for you.

About I-Synergy

I-Synergy is a total-package with all administrative, commercial and accounting tasks in one.
It is both a CRM, ERP as an accounting program for small and medium-sized businesses.
Goal of this program is to offer even more tools and capabilities then larger applications to small and medium-sized businesses without the associated high costs.

You always start from the basics: the management tool for your administration and accounting tasks.
After this it is possible to expand with a cash register and a personal webshop.


Enter your information once, and use it every time again.


Use only modules you need. In the near future we will release several more exiting features.


We support Dutch, English and German. French is coming soon.

What does I-Synergy mean?

I-Synergy stands for Intelligence Synergy.
As companyname we have chosen the name International Intelligence.
This has nothing to do with intelligence but means only information and thus also knowledge.

I-Synergy also means synergy of information.
The word Synergy is used for a situation where the effect of a cooperation is greater than any of the cooperating parties could achieve separately.
In this case information. Or better formulated your information.

Key Features


You have no high initial cost for the software. You use what you need. During the subscription you have right on updates and additions - completely free of charge.

Flexible and adaptable

The software has a modular structure. This allows you very simply to turn on additional functionality or modules, or ones you no longer use off. There are several settings available within the software itself to support even better your needs and desires. Apart from the graphics settings (color and background), the settings are stored centrally and applied by all users in your organization.


For us it is important that the software can run on virtually any pc without slowing down. We therefore continuously check our software to optimize its use.!


All our services run in the cloud. This makes your data available and accessible everywhere. It also creates daily backups of your data which will give you peace of mind.

User interface

To ensure that the software remains easy to use despite its many functionalities, we ensure that this is also reflected in the graphical user interface. Despite that some parts will remain always complex, we strive for an intuitive UI as possible. Our motto - and we are also testing on - is that even children should be able to use the program. This will also ensure that the learning curve for new users is as short as possible.

Windows 10 and Office

The software runs on the very latest version of Windows 10. As a result, you always have the latest version of the software at your disposal. Integration with Microsoft Office also allows you to use all documents as you normally can.

Customer service

We strive for the highest possible service and support. That's why we try to give answers to any questions as quickly as possible. Often users have direct contact with developers of I-Synergy. By user desired extensions or modifications are at a sufficient support processed and added in the product .


I-Synergy Manager

20.00 Month

  • Try 30 days free
  • Full access and no restrictions
  • Includes 1 (administrator) user
  • Relationship Management
  • Product Management
  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Monthly cancellable
  • Premium Support
  • Free updates
I-Synergy Point of Sales

35.00 Month

  • Try 30 days free
  • full access and no restrictions
  • including 1 (administrator) user
  • including I-Synergy Manager
  • Relationship Management
  • Product Management
  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Cash Register
  • Till Closure
  • Monthly cancellable
  • Premium Support
  • Free updates
Extra user

5.00 Month

  • Full access and no restrictions
  • Monthly cancellable
  • Premium Support
  • Free updates
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